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Functional Medicine Columbus Ohio

Functional Medicine Columbus, OH

Functional MeDICINE solves problems

The functional medicine professionals at Donaldson Health are more proactive than reactive.  We focus on healthspan more than lifespan. We address root causes instead of latest symptoms. We are experts in gut health, hormones, nutrition, fertility, longevity, performance, weight loss, sexual wellness and feeling better!

Functional medicine allows us to take our time in every consultation. We consider key history, review scientific results and present each patient with a detailed plan of action that we help see through. As our patients make progress, they notice that confidence improves, energy increases, attitude picks up, fat recedes, muscles strengthen, libido enhances and choices become more productive and deliberate. This is your best next step toward healthfulness,

Donaldson Functional Medicine patient

The Differences Between Conventional Medicine & Functional Medicine

Hospitals and traditional doctor’s offices are well-suited for treating acute medical problems.  Patients with specific complaints are diagnosed and treated, one after the next. In the best cases, workups are quick and focused, treatment is definitive and follow-up is unnecessary; in the worst cases, patients get lost in the shuffle, mistakes are made, steps are skipped, diagnoses are inaccurate or inconclusive and treatments are ineffective or even harmful. Either way, many patients complain that the process involves excessive paperwork, minimal face time with providers, an over-reliance on technology and typically, a lot of money…

That is traditional medicine.

But what if a patient’s complaint isn’t specific: feel lousy, feel tired, sore in the morning, don’t feel like having sex, not as happy, not as fertile? Maybe there is curiosity about what “optimal” looks like and living as long as possible. What if the situation is nebulous and time-consuming? What if a person wants to sit down with a doctor and start from the very beginning? What if the desire is to consider a multitude of factors from lifestyle, family history and professional stressors, to age, nutrition and hormones? What if being proactive appeals more than being reactive, or treating the problem appeals more than treating the symptom?…

This is functional medicine.

What You Can Expect Out Of Your Experience

What Is Functional?

The Types of Concerns We Address

  • Your Hormones Just Feel "Off"

    Your energy, your mood, your cycles, & your weight — they can all fluctuate to signal hormonal changes. We take the time to pair you with the right plan that will balance your body’s chemical messengers.

    This is functional medicine.

  • You Have A Frequently Upset Stomach

    If your microbiome is disrupted, certain triggers could be causing GI flare-ups. We provide the support, control and testing to uncover the source of your stomach pain and help you heal your leaky gut.

    This is functional medicine.

  • You're Having Trouble Losing Weight

    The scale won’t move, and nothing seems to be working anymore. We pinpoint why you aren’t losing weight, and create a tailored plan that moves the needle and leads to weight loss.

    This is functional medicine.

  • You're Not Getting Answers You Need

    You’ve been given no explanation for the changes you’re experiencing — only that they’re considered “normal.”  If you know there is something deeper going on, we will work with you to uncover it.

    This is functional medicine.

  • Your Symptoms Are "Insignificant"

    Your symptoms don’t quite meet the criteria for a diagnosis, so you were told they were unimportant. Instead of waiting for things to get worse, we uncover your issues now and work to reverse them.

    This is functional medicine.

  • You Want A Longer Lifespan

    You may be healthy, but you want to know how to optimize and live even longer. We start by looking at different health dimensions, then find unique ways to ensure you have even more great days.

    This is functional medicine.

  • Your Romance Isn't The Same Anymore

    Sex used to come naturally, but it hardly stays that way forever. Your sexual health is an important part of you. We help identify the causes of sexual dysfunction and offer solutions to address it completely.

    This is functional medicine.

  • Menopause Is Making You Miserable

    You don’t have to “get through” menopause — there are real solutions that can help you right now. We effectively treat and manage perimenopausal symptoms to get you back to feeling like you again.

    This is functional medicine.

  • You're Having Difficulty Becoming Pregnant

    Fertility is complicated, and what works for one person is not universal. If you’re looking to naturally improve your fertility, we’ll help you ready your body and mind to maximize your chances of conception.

    This is functional medicine.


Sexual Wellness Services

We take a holistic approach to creating personalized treatment plans that address the sensitive issues that matter to women. Most often, these include decreased libido, discomfort during intercourse, hormonal changes and aesthetic preferences. Sex is meant to be enjoyed! Our specialists can help bring comfort and confidence back to the bedroom.

learn more about sexual wellness

What We Offer

You Deserve Wellness

Hormone Therapy

Whether you’re in your twenties or in your sixties, hormone imbalances can affect your daily life. We are here to understand what you are feeling and provide the right bioidentical hormone replacement solutions that will help you feel like yourself again!

Hormone Therapy

Weight Management

No two bodies are exactly alike. Our compassionate team works with you to create a lifestyle and diet formula that you can sustain without sacrificing the things you love.

Weight Loss

GI & Digestive Health

The digestive system has a significant influence on our overall health. Our experts use evidence-based strategies to help you overcome your gut health hurdles so you feel great every day.


Male Hormone Therapy

Testosterone Replacement Therapy can help men rediscover the energy, strength and focus that they once had. Combined with healthy lifestyle changes, male hormone therapy can help guys embrace life with the same vigor as they did in their younger years.

TRT Therapy

Fertility Services

We guide women with sound strategies to enhance their chances of conception. Our experts specialize in fertility optimization and healthy pregnancy planning, while also addressing delicate issues such as irregular cycles and unexplained miscarriages.


Longevity & Healthspan

It’s not just about living long — it’s about living better. You feel good today, but what if you could feel better tomorrow? Gain the competitive edge with a personalized wellness program designed to not only treat your health concerns but prevent future ones.


Functional Medicine Expert, Dr. Marguerite Weston

Meet Marguerite Weston, MD

DOUBLE Board-Certified
Functional Medicine Expert, IFMCP

“The Key Is Living ‘Well” — Not Just Living ‘Long'”

Born and raised in Ohio, Dr. Weston is a top functional medicine doctor in Columbus with 17 years of experience in family and sports medicine. Dr. Weston combines contemporary conventional medicine with proven functional methods to get to the root cause of your symptoms and optimize your lifestyle so that you can feel like you again.

Get To Know Dr. Weston Better

Ready to Uncover What's Been Holding You Back?

The lifestyle changes you make today will prepare you for a happier and healthier tomorrow. We invite you to book your first consultation with our functional medicine providers to see how we can help you live a more comfortable life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. We recognize the importance of providing you with flexibility in managing your healthcare expenses. Using your HSA is not only welcomed but encouraged at our practice, so that you may receive the specialized care you need, while also enjoying the tax benefits your HSA provides.

Unfortunately, because most insurance models are oriented toward treating existing illnesses rather than preventing them, functional medicine is not typically covered under the current system.

We have chosen a straightforward billing model with out-of-pocket payment. This allows us to streamline your experience and offer care that goes beyond the limitations of what your insurance may cover.

To ensure a seamless experience, we kindly request upfront payment. This allows us to focus solely on your well-being without any distractions or asking you to make financial decisions along the way.

This also allows us to provide you with the unique assurance that there will be no additional costs or surprise bills down the road. As we work together to unravel your health story, any treatments or testing that may become necessary are all included in your initial investment.

However, we understand there are important considerations to be made for any upfront investment. That is why we offer flexible financing options for functional medicine patients.


Your investment covers all the costs of all consultations, exams, lab testing, office visits, telehealth and follow-up appointments. Any medications prescribed will be sent to your preferred pharmacy, and coverage may vary depending on your insurance.

We curate personalized supplement recommendations tailored to your treatment plan; while these supplements are not included, they are available to pick up through our office for your ease.

No — our approach is far more nuanced! While we do conduct thorough testing to understand your unique health challenges, our approach to testing is to only order what is needed.

You can be sure that any test we order serves a purpose in uncovering insights for your treatment plan. Specialized tests like lipid panels, Dutch tests, bloodwork and other examinations can be great tools, but only if they deliver the information necessary to give you control over your wellness.

After testing, we establish clear communication with each functional patient to understand what’s working and what needs to change. And don’t worry — we enjoy spending the extra time interpreting your results and explaining what each data point means in great detail!

Yes. We value the information from your previous lab results, and it can be helpful to use them as a baseline to gain a better picture of your overall health history.

However, to ensure the most accurate and personalized care, we will also conduct our own set of labs, designed to delve deeper into your present health concerns. We will interpret the results from both sets, explaining the changes that have occurred over time or identifying trends and significant similarities.

This combination allows us to create a more comprehensive picture of your health and build a tailored plan that will address every aspect of your concerns.

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