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Jawline & Chin Filler Columbus, Ohio

Jawline filler columbus ohio

The Art Of Using Filler For Chin Augmentation & Jawline Contouring

Jawline and chin filler are popular, nonsurgical injectable treatments that shape and refine the look of the lower face. Performed together or individually, these solutions can create a stronger facial structure and more angular side profile. Dermal fillers are made of temporary hyaluronic acid and are injected to build volume in these areas, which can provide a more angular appearance and optimize your face for its maximum potential!

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Natural-Looking Results From Providers That Care About Your Safety

In the hands of the right injector, jawline and chin filler can provide greater facial balance, slim down the face and even correct jowls. We like to consider our providers as “artists” because of the extra time they take to make sure the end result matches your aesthetic goals. The training they’ve undergone and the care they put into each treatment are felt immediately when you’re in their chair.

We are very realistic with expectations for treatment, and we are not afraid to be honest and tell you that a desired result may not be achievable. Experience, safety and anatomy will always be important to us to make sure you receive the most natural look, so you never look hardened or overdone — just the very best version of you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost for chin and jawline filler usually starts at around $900. The price is dependent on the amount of product needed to achieve your results, which can be done over the course of multiple treatments. Usually, a patient’s lower face augmentation is expected to fall somewhere between $900 and $3000.

When we lengthen or add volume to the chin and jawline, we generally use a hyaluronic filler with a little more structure to provide that lift and contour that is important for tapering the lower face. Volux by Juvéderm is an incredible, FDA-approved cosmetic filler that offers almost 2 times as much elasticity as Voluma — and 3 times the cohesivity.

We also use fillers like Radiesse, Voluma or RHA 4 for the chin and jawline, but the product we choose really depends on our goal for the treatment. We can use fillers that are a little softer or more subtle if we’re addressing the areas of shadowing, or fillers that are denser if we’re truly mimicking bone structure.

When we’re ready to inject, we will sterilize the area and explain how the injection will feel. You might feel a needle poke, but many HA fillers have a numbing agent in them to increase your comfort. Once we’re done, we’ll review the aftercare, and provide you with an ice pack to reduce the potential for swelling and bruising.

When placed in the chin or jawline, filler will last for approximately a year. Initially, we will likely schedule you for more than one filler session to slowly build you up to the profile that you want. This means that there will be maintenance treatments after a year in order to maintain your results.

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Jawline and chin fillers in Columbus, Ohio are an incredible solution if you’ve ever felt you’ve had a “weak” chin — or simply haven’t loved your side profile. The treatment is easy, the results are amazing and the filler lasts upwards of a year! What’s not to adore?


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