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Our Before & After Philosophy 

This Is Your Story To Share (Not ours)

You have probably noticed a lack of “before and after” photos on our website. At Donaldson, we are extremely proud of our work and our patients are thrilled with their results. A quick look at our reviews will tell you as much. So why the missing photos? Because we believe that your experience is a story that you should get to tell first — and in a way you feel most comfortable.

Our patients prefer to tell their stories, in their own words, in our exclusive video testimonials.

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Our Focus On Privacy

Using our patients’ naked bodies as marketing tools has never appealed to us. It feels cheap, gimmicky and disrespectful — all of which we vehemently reject. We respect you, your body and your confidence which, to us, are far more important than leveraging your nudity for sales.

This can be a vulnerable time and a delicate decision to make. We want to be sure that you feel respected every step of the way. From our initial conversation, to the completion of your procedure and satisfaction with your results — we will value your privacy.


Before & After Photos Are Shown During Consultation

We will share before and after photos when we meet you in the privacy of our office. We want you to choose the best plastic surgeon for your needs, and seeing results from previous patients is a big part of being able to do that. Dr. Donaldson and Dr. Sieffert are excited to share those photos with you while you’re here.

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We Invite Our Patients To Tell Their Stories

We have amassed a library of real patient feedback over the past few years so we can share these video testimonials with you. Instead of sharing their before and after photos, we’ve asked our patients to share their stories. In these videos, you will hear patients describe — in their own words — what it’s like to be a DPS patient and why they are so pleased with their results.

That’s Why You See Very Real People Throughout Our Website

We strive to use our very own patients as models of real life. Models of beauty. Models of the confidence that is possible when you choose Donaldson Plastic Surgery. The results you see are real. The confidence woven throughout these pages is authentic. And we want you to be the next to experience such a wonderful outcome!

Are You Ready To Take This Next Step?

We invite you to get in touch with our team. Please, bring your questions and we will bring answers. Let’s move forward together.

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